5 Things Your Contractor Wished You Knew

1. Reality TV is not your reality!

Reality TV is fun to watch for entertainment. There is a level of drama, happy tears, and cheering when the big unveiling happens. But these shows do not depict your reality as a homeowner undergoing a renovation project. Quality craftsmanship takes time and costs money. No matter how creative your contractor is, you cannot expect to get $100,000 worth of work for $20,000. It will not be completed in three weeks either. Again, craftsmanship takes time. Contractors want to be proud of the product they are giving you. And you want to be proud of your home!

2. We are open during regular business hours

Residential construction is not one of those businesses that is open 24/7. We know you are excited about your project, and we are too, but getting calls, texts, and emails after hours is not always cool. Mutual respect for personal time will make for a healthy working relationship. We are here in the case of true emergencies, but we would prefer to discuss your backsplash in the morning.

3. Stop Googling

Contractors have the same issues as doctors have now that our customers have the internet at their fingertips. Every doctor knows that at the sign of any ailment, their patients look to WebMD to self-diagnose. Minor aches and pains end up being some rare form of cancer. As contractors, we ask that you stay away from Googling “how to install shingles” or “price of flooring.” There are far too many variables in play to give you the correct answer. You hired a contractor for their skills and expertise. If you have questions, ask us, not your search engine.

4. Construction is stressful

It is. No matter what you are undertaking. Don’t expect anything less. We understand you are trusting two very precious things with us, your home and your money. Do your best not to live in a constant state of panic. It can damage a healthy working relationship. You’ve taken the time to find a contractor that you trust and can communicate with. So trust us!

5. Please don’t hover while we’re at work

We want you to feel absolutely comfortable in your own home. However, there are times that having you stand over our shoulder and asking to explain every step is not the most effective use of anyone’s time. Consider having scheduled site meetings with anyone who is relevant (client, contractor, designer, architect, etc.) to the conversation of timeline and project details. Please also keep in mind that having unsupervised children and pets present may cause delays as well as present dangers.

A contractor working on a renovation