New or Salvaged Products? Pro and Cons

When making a decision about the materials to use during your home renovation project, it is important to understand the pros and cons of those items. On one hand, buying new products creates a fresh new look to modernize your home. Conversely, you can buy salvaged items or repurpose those found in your home. How do you know which is a better option? Let’s discuss.

Let’s begin by addressing buying new.

Today’s home buyers are generally looking for an updated, move in ready home. By creating a clean design that appeals to a large audience, you can be sure to get the best bang for your buck. Another added benefit is that your contractor will likely offer you a warranty on the new products chosen for your project. In addition, it can be considered safer as more regulations are placed on the production of materials. You can be assured that asbestos or lead was not used in its making. Energy efficient materials are also a plus. Buying a reclaimed toilet may seem like it would be more cost-effective, but today’s newer models use far less water per flush and can save you in the long run on water bills. You may also find that buying new can be comparable in price. Because of modern production equipment, products can be mass produced and thus cost less than its previously handmade counterpart.

If you are renovating to stay in your home forever, then you may not care about resale. If that’s the case, go ahead and find those quirky salvaged materials to make the space yours. After all, the old saying “they don’t make ‘em like they used to” can be seen between new items and the sometimes more durable older products. For example, we actually have appliances in our kitchen that were installed in 1984. Our ovens work great and have no end in sight! But again, make sure you understand what was used in the production of those items. You don’t want to bring unsafe materials into your home and risk your family’s health. Vintage items are not always cheaper. You may find a good deal on a cast iron tub at a second-hand store, but expect to pay for it. If this is important to you for the aesthetic of your home, then go for it! From an environmental standpoint, reusing materials will keep it out of a landfill. The earth thanks you for that. Finding reclaimed items to reuse is easier than ever. Warehouses will often post their inventories online and many have auctions where you can preview the inventory prior.

Now that you’re ready to renovate, be sure to consider your options when picking out your materials. A good way to go is to consult your contractor or interior designer. After all, they are the expert.

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