Winter Projects to Tackle

Winter is historically a slower season for most home improvement companies. Let’s face it, we all spent too much during the holidays and it’s hard to get up on the roof to replace shingles in the cold winter temperatures. But did you know, there are some projects that are ideal for winter months? Either choose to DIY or find a contractor you trust to complete the work. You may also want to plan ahead to book with a highly reputable contractor to get a head start on those summer projects (hello new deck or patio!).


  1. Repaint- if you’re going to be spending time indoors, why not use the time to add a fresh coat of paint? It can add a fresh new feeling to your interior. You may also get enjoyment out of the bright new color during the dreary winter months. Remember that unless you want to open your windows, pick a low VOC paint so you aren’t breathing in those nasty fumes.
  2. Change your lightbulbs- Bulbs that emit a white or blue light mimic natural sunlight. Change yours out for a boost of energy. Another idea is to put a sunrise simulator light in the bedroom. It will gradually light up over a 20 minute period making it easier to get up on cold, dark mornings.
  3. Change filters- Get rid of old filters and replace them to get the cleanest air possible. With cold and flu season in full swing, you will be glad to start fresh.
  4. Change up your decor- Adding some new design elements will change the look of your space. Try adding new throw pillows, blankets, and some live plants to make your living space more cozy.
  5. Lighting fixtures- New overhead lighting and wall mounted lights can change the whole look and feel of the space. Most are fairly easy to change out. If you don’t feel comfortable you can always hire an electrician to take can of it for you. It makes a big impact on your home decor.

Hire a Professional

  1. Renovate your basement- Add livable space to your home and create a warm, comfortable space for your family to gather. Creating this extra space is great for kids and teens to have a play area of their own. It is also fun for adult parties, so add in an entertainment center or a bar. This is the perfect space for your Super Bowl party!
  2. Bathroom renovation- Does the idea of a hot bath and a good book sound like your kind of Friday night? By renovation your bathroom you can get a brand new spa-like atmosphere in the comfort of your own home. Sounds cozy!
  3. Laundry room renovation- More and more families are updating their laundry room to include new amenities. Having a beautiful space to do laundry may make the chore a little less painful. You can also add items like a dog washing station or built in shelving for additional storage.
  4. Kitchen renovation- This one is always a crowd pleaser. Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, and one of the most used rooms in the house, be sure you have a space you love. Wether you are making minor or major repairs, you will be prepared to make warm comfort food for your loved ones. 
  5. Deck and patio- Get on your contractor’s schedule now. As soon as the weather breaks, they can begin installing your new deck in plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors for the spring and summer months. Your grill awaits!
Winter Projects for your home