Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Your Loved Ones

Christmas is right around the corner and we are ready! I am the type of person who is done my shopping and wrapping well in advance. My husband is not. He will wait until the very last second and go on a shopping frenzy. Which ever type of gift giver you are, we have some last minute stocking stuffer ideas for your loved ones.

DIYer and Handyman

  1. Hand cream– we all get dry hands in the winter, so there is a solution to everyone’s needs. If your loved one works with their hands all day, then O’keefe’s is for you. O’keefe’s hand cream
  2. Multi-tool– Who couldn’t use this convenient tool? With just about everything under the sun, this will be your go-to tool for projects around the house, on the job, or at the campsite. Leatherman Multi-tool
  3. Gloves– Work gloves are great for yard work, home projects, gardening and any other to-do list item. These classic gloves from Black & Decker look just like the ones your dad wore growing up. Black & Decker gloves

Kids and Teens

  1. Legos– For the kiddo in your life that has already shown an affinity to building, legos are a classic. Its also so much fun to do together. Pick up a kit to show your little one that you encourage them to use their creativity and skills. Legos
  2. Gift cards– while it may not give the personal touch you’re looking for, it is very much appreciated. I know my teenage nieces and nephews would rather have gift cards (or cash) over almost any gift I could pick out. Always a crowd pleaser!
  3. Portable charger- This is a must if you use your phone a lot (let’s be honest, we all do). Great for teens, travelers, outdoor adventurers, or festival goers. Go ahead, run all of your apps! Portable charger

 Party Hosts and Plant Lovers

  1. Seed packets– People who like to cook love having fresh herbs around. Plant these seeds indoor for fresh herbs all winter long! Perfect for the chef or gardener in your life. Seed packets
  2. Scented candles– Not only will the host in your life love the fresh scents, the jars are beautiful too and can add to their home decor. Plus we love that it’s a local company! Chesapeake Bay Candle
  3. Place cards– These fun porcelain reusable place cards are perfect for any host. Pull these out for your next dinner party and mix your guests up so they meet new people. Porcelain place cards


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