Home Improvement New Year Resolutions

It’s that time of year again! It’s the time where we resolve to do better, be better, and give up those vices. So today, let’s discuss ways that you can resolve to improve your home. Whether you want to de-clutter your life or spruce up your home decor, we can all agree that our home to-do list is one we should visit in the new year.

  1. Cut energy costs

Help save money, resources, and our planet by cutting your home energy costs. Look at ways to cut back on heating and cooling like using ceiling fans or opening your window on a nice day. Change out your incandescent light bulbs, unplug appliances not in use, or choose to hang clothes to dry.

  1. Update your home’s safety

Make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are in working order. Installing flood light with motion sensors can be a good way to deter intruders. Also, home surveillance systems are better than ever and the cost to install continues to go down. Also, remember not to advertise your vacations on social media.

  1. Purify indoor air

Change your filter more regularly. This is a simple and inexpensive task. Maintain house plants. They not only make your space look more inviting, but they are natural air filters. Sealing your home entirely is never the best plan. You need air flow in and out to prevent your home from keeping germs inside. And please, do not smoke in your home. 

  1. Budget for improvements

Make a list of projects you would like to accomplish in the New Year. Remember to include the home maintenance projects as well as the design updates. If your home needs a new roof, for example. Those items should be tackled to avoid further damage and expense. Start setting money aside to help fund those projects or look for low interest loans. 

  1. Educate yourself on home finances

Know what your mortgage balance is and what your interest rate is. Keep track of how much your home owners insurance is and shop around to make sure you are getting the best deal. Also make sure the coverage is adequate. Take a look at your utilities as well. Cutting cable is so simple now in the era of internet streaming services. 

  1. De-clutter

Set some goals to make this task more manageable. Tackle one room at a time to avoid chaos while working on this task. Using a sorting system is a very helpful way to organize yourself. Create three piles; keep, toss, and store. Remember to recycle or donate things you now longer have use for. You could also host a garage sale and make a few bucks.

  1. Support your community

Organize a community clean up day where you all assist in cleaning up trash, raking leaves, or painting community signs. It’s a great way to bring your neighbors together and improve the look of your community. Another fun way to get everyone involved is to plant a community garden. Kids especially love this and who doesn’t love fresh veggies?!

  1. Exercise your DIY skills

Take on a home improvement task. Even if you aren’t the handiest, you can attempt a home improvement task. Can you paint, assemble furniture, create artwork, or plant a garden? It is a great way to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment.

  1. Improve your home with your family

Get the entire family involved in your home projects. Including your children and spouse in design decisions and execution will be rewarding for everyone. It can be a wonderful bonding experience. Giving your child his/her own tool belt and encouraging their help is a great way to foster creativity and independence. Just make sure these chores are age appropriate. 

  1. Develop weekly cleaning/chore schedule

By dividing your weekly or monthly tasks out during the week and assigning chores to each member of your home, you not only get a well groomed home, but create a sense of fairness so that no one family member feels the brunt of the burden. This will allow more free time to be able to focus on what you enjoy doing together. 

New Years home improvement checklist